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Rewilding Project

The UK was recently assessed for its biodiversity, which considers the variety of plant and animal life that exists. Due to much of the UK’s green habitats being destroyed or polluted we were ranked the 189rd worst country in the world out of 218 countries. 


This is really bad and we must all do something to change it.

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At ZERO Carbon Companies we decided that this needs to change, so we have decided to financially support the UK's first Food Forest rewilding project, which is located on the shore of Loch Rannoch in Scotland.


The project will grow around 100 fruiting trees and bushes, where the crop will be provided free to the local community. The Food Forest will offer nutritional benefits and enjoyment to local people, from the youngest to the oldest. 

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The 1.4 acre site has been leased by the land owner and the capital cost of the project is £25,000. All the tree planting will be completed by volunteers. Roughly half of this will be for the trees and the other half will be for robust fencing to protect the fragile trees from deer browsing.

The Food Forest will offer a sustainable resource for the community. It will achieve educational, nutritional, health and wellbeing outcomes for this very remote community.  Any excess fruit will be supplied to a local food bank to support the needy. 

It is a pioneering project that we hope will be replicated in other communities.  

We make a financial contribution on your behalf to this project,
so you are included and you are helping making it happen.

We will send you videos as the project is built, which you can use in your
social media to show you new and existing customers the good you are doing.

Here Are Examples of Other Rewilding Projects 

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Limestone Farm Australia

This is a Permaculture farming project set within 1 acre of land in NSW Australia. Since 2010 they have transformed 1 acre of grassland into a viable habitat, compatible with natural growth that benefits the family their animals and the environment around them. 

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Loch Ness Afforestation

  • 92 Hectares

  • 100,000 trees

  • 20,092 tCO2e

Rewilding And UK Nature Facts

99% of the Scottish Caledonian Forest has been destroyed.

15% of animal species in UK are threatened with extinction.

UK is 189th worst country in the world out of 240 for biodiversity.

13% of all UK trees where destroyed between 2001-2020

50% of all UK woods over 400 years old have been destroyed in last 80 years.

More than 600 ancient woods are threatened by new roads, pylons, housing and airport expansion.