We Make Businesses 

Increase Their Profits

Which Gives Them A Competitive Edge To

(And It Helps The Planet Too !!)

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Immediately ZERO Carbon

We Do This Because It Is Both Too Expensive and Too Difficult 
For These Businesses To 
Reduce Their Carbon Emissions.

​And Here’s Four Reasons Why :
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Solar PV is a viable solution, but many businesses have either an unsuitable roof or are in a leased building where landlord approval comes with too many difficulties.



ASHP to replace gas only increase energy bills, which makes it a financially unviable option with a capital cost (even with a grant) that has no financial payback.

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An unpalatable option as it involves increasing financial costs when a 'cost of living crisis' is making trading more difficult. Plus the uncertainty of future electricity pricing of electricity and availability of chargers.

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Fabric Improvements

An unviable option for many leased buildings as the

improvement measures offer a long financial payback, that often exceeds the leased period of the building. The only beneficiary being the landlord.

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This Is The Financial Benefit Of 
Being A Green Company 
(The Guardian)

We Provide The World's Only
100% ZERO Carbon Package For Companies.

And This Is Everything That You Will Receive.

Carbon Audit

We will measure how many tonnes of carbon your building is emitting and include this in a report and include ways that you can further reduce your carbon emissions.

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We will email you a digital certificate (to save paper) that you can hang on your business wall for all your staff and customers to see you have reached ZERO carbon. You can use this on social media too.

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ZERO Carbon

You will be rewarded as a ZERO Carbon Champion and be able to use this branding in social media to promote your company to gain recognition you deserve.

And more customers too.


Carbon Credits

We will allocate up to 30 tonnes of carbon credits (worth £750) for the next 12 months. This is usually more than enough for most small to medium businesses to be ZERO carbon

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Personalised Report

This report summarises your carbon audit and provides proactive ways that you can save money on your energy bills, which also has the additional benefit  of saving more carbon emissions too.

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Our Rewilding Project

We make a financial contribution on your behalf in to our rewilding project. We will provide you with regular updates, because it is your involvement that has made this project happen.

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Carbon Certified

You company will receive official certification that it has reached the enviable position of achieving ZERO carbon.

All certifications last for

12 months.


UK Directory Inclusion

We will promote your company in the world's only carbon neutral directory.

You will gain recognition as you will be part of a special group of companies that have reached ZERO carbon.  

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We will post you stickers that you can place in your office or business window, or even on your vehicles. This means you can then show everyone how amazing your company is.

Use these to promote your business on social media, including this personalised 'congratulations' video worth £300.

Plus 6 Promotional Videos

This is a PAS 2060 Certified service.

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Innovative Products, Ideas and Top Tips

Members have access to an Energy Savings Centre providing many innovative ways to reduce energy bills, which will also reduces carbon emissions further.

This includes a clever piece of technology that added to your gas boiler will reduce your bills and carbon emissions by typically 20% (for the home and work). 

Annual Membership
Just £497 plus vat

Payable Over Two Payments.

Just £248.50 now and

£248.50 in month 2

(both plus vat)

Value of Package £2,570 plus vat and it is 100% tax deductile.

We Are The Only Company In The World That Provides This Service. 

This is a PAS 2060 Certified service.

These Major Companies Use Carbon Credits To Be Greener

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8 Compelling Reasons To Join


#1 Promotional Support

We provide a comprehensive marketing package you can use during the next 12 months to promote your green credentials:

  • 6 videos with the first including your name

  • Social media posts

  • Blogs

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#2 Increased Profit

Its a fact that 81% of customers prefer shopping with green companies who then benefit from :

  • 18% increase in profits (the Guardian)

  • 20% increase in pricing (entrepreneur.com)

  • More loyal customers

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#3 Can't Do It Myself

It's expensive and really difficult for companies to achieve ZERO carbon :

  • buildings are often leased or unsuitable for different technologies

  • it's less expensive than buying EVs, heat pumps etc

  • buying carbon credits is difficult and costs £750-£1,000

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 #4 Help Save The Planet

As you will be a ZERO carbon company, you can prove that you :

  • Care about the planet

  • Have done the right thing

  • Are truly ethical and care about your customers too

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#5 Become A Champion

We make you a green Champion so you can demonstrate :

  • You have taken a massive step to help save the Planet

  • Yours is a responsible green business

  • You are an ethical leader 

Zero Carbon Champion.png
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#6 Lower Energy Bills

You will have exclusive access to our Educational Centre to discover multiple ways to reduce your energy bills :

  • Gas solution that reduces bills by 15-20% 

  • The latest innovative technology 

  • Monthly support from industry experts


#7 Avoid Future Carbon Taxes

Governments are looking to penalise non-green companies with additional taxes. So by joining you :

  • Avoid all future taxes

  • Protect your cashflow and profit

  • Gain a financial advantage over your competition 

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#8 ZERO Carbon Directory

We are building a national directory exclusively for those companies who are ZERO carbon :

  • So we can promote these companies

  • So they can generate green kudos

  • So they can attract more customers

Can You See Why So Many Companies Just Like Yours

Have Chosen To Join ZERO Carbon Companies?

Mark Huelin
The Energy Savers Ltd

Nige Entwistle
Stockport School Of Motorcycling

Matthew Lafferty
Next Level Fitness

Stuart Mcadie
The alternative store

Dale Gaucas
Dale Gaucas LifeStyle Motivation

Ethical Crypto

Here Are A Few Of The FAQs We Get :

How much time do I need to put into this?

5-10 minutes. 

Once you have joined, we will email you a questionnaire with questions about the amount of energy you use, which is quick and easy to complete. 


Just email it back and that’s it.

How long will my carbon credits last?

12 months.

All carbon credits last for one year to offset your carbon emissions for the next 12 months. 

This is an annual membership package.

How long before I receive my certification as a carbon neutral company?

7 days


Once you have returned the energy questionnaire, we will be certified in 7 days. We will also email your Money and Carbon Saving Report and certificate, and post your stickers too.

Do I have to renew my membership in year 2?


It is optional and entirely up to you. If you decide not to renew you will no longer be certified as a ZERO carbon company and be excluded from the google map.

How do you make a company carbon neutral?

We buy large quantities of carbon credits from recognised projects on Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) administered by VERRA for carbon accounting standards.

We are then able through our internal ledger and verification process to allocate up to 30 tonnes of credits to each company that joins. 

Will you help me promote my company?


You will receive digital badges including making your company a ZERO SUPER HERO to use on social media. We will also provide regular content you can post to gain all the recognition you desire. 

You will be added to our UK google map and the directory of green companies too.

Your company can also feature in our regular emails to all members.

What if my company requires more than 30 tonnes of carbon offsets?

If it is slightly more, we will accept your commitment to reduce your carbon emissions and still certify you as ZERO carbon.

If you require a larger amount, say 10 tonnes, we can sell these to you at a heavily discounted rate of £15/tonne (usual price is £25/tonne). So there would be an additional charge in this example of £150. 

Why is important I become carbon neutral?

Two reasons.

First: Being A Responsible Company. 
You are then doing your bit as an exemplar company to help save the planet by reduce your carbon emissions.

Second: Be More Profitable. 
Companies that have reduced their carbon emissions attract more customers and have been proven to increase profits.

Will you help me reduce my energy bills?

Of Course.

You will have exclusive access to our Education Centre with innovative ideas to reduce energy bills, plus free webinars and expert help from industry experts.

 Is it difficult for a business to buy carbon credits themselves?

Yes and expensive.

It is nearly impossible to buy smaller amounts of credits as these are sold in large quantities to larger companies.


Also, the 30 tonnes that we are providing would cost around £750 (annually).  


This is significantly more than the cost of our package, which we can provide because we are bulk purchasing.

This is a PAS 2060 Certified service.