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"Welcome to our Energy Savings Centre, where we provide all the latest information on innovative products and ideas to help you save £1,000's in energy bills your business and also £100's in your home too. 


By saving energy, you will save money and carbon too, which is important.

The starting point is to download our PDF's that are packed with information and facts to help you in the home and business.

With energy bills continually rising, it is important that every business proactively considers as many ways as possible to reduce their energy use.


We are here to help you and all the advice we offer is FREE.


This centre is constantly being updated and we will notify you of new energy savings advice, top tips, innovative products and their discount codes.

'Be Greener.'

Matt and Marc (Founders)

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Save Energy   Save Money    Save Carbon

PDF Downloads

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20 Ways To Save Energy, Money and Carbon In Your Business

This PDF focuses on 20 top tips that you can apply within your business that will reduce your energy consumption and can help you save £1,000's each year.

12 FACTS That Increase PROFITS

These 12 facts will help you focus your business to reduce energy bills, which saves you money​ and carbon too.

You will be amazed at the savings you can make.


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Save £639 In Home Energy Bills

In this PDF you will discover proven ways that you can save £639 in energy bills in the home in the following areas :

  • Heating

  • Kitchen

  • Water

  • Appliances

  • Lighting

10 Ways Your Profit Increases

By Being ZERO Carbon

The 'greener' your business, the greater the opportunity there is for you to increase your profits. 

This PDF demonstrates how you can BE GREEN and MORE PROFITABLE.

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Carbon Emissions Calculator 

One of the most important steps that any business must take is to calculate how many tonnes of CO2 it is emitting.

This is important for 3 reasons :

Reason #1: Being A Responsible Business

It proves you are serious about helping the planet.

Reason #2 : Increased Profit

It means you can promote carbon reductions to new customers who will then be more likely to shop with you.


Reason #3 : Avoid Carbon Taxes

They are coming and the lower your emissions, the lower will be your carbon tax bill. 

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To calculate your carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2) for free, please use this calculator 

FACTS : Energy Saving And Profit Increasing

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Save £6,000 pa While You Sleep Programme  

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Every year, for each Hospitality outlet you own, you’re losing an average of £6,000* just by leaving equipment on overnight.


£6,000 in wasted energy, every year, for each outlet.


Not to mention the 8 tonnes of CO2 - the equivalent of 17,000 car miles - also being emitted. All for the sake of turning off a switch (or fifty).


With the price of energy soaring, it’s time to protect your business against unnecessary costs, and save the planet while you do it.

*based on achieving best-ever usage patterns and £0.18 per KwH.

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Switch And Save Money

Businesses : You can compare and switch to a better energy deal today !

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Typical savings £???

Businesses Mis-Sold Energy Can Claim.

Your business may be owed money due to mis-sold energy contracts

Successful claims range from

£?? to £??

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Personally Claim Money

You can claim money from HRMC if you have been forced to work from home

Even if for 1 day

Claim up to £?? 



Discounted Interest Rates For Energy Saving Products

Finance at a discounted interest rates will be available for all responsible businesses who are certified as ZERO carbon.

More information will be emailed directly to members in January 2023..

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HEATING (gas wet heating systems)

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Airgon is a a clever piece of technology that can be retrofitted to your existing boiler, both at home and at work.


It works by extracting the oxygen from the water in your heating system. With no oxygen the water heats up much more quickly meaning the boiler is using less gas, which then lowers your bills by up to 20%.


Using less gas also means you have reduced your carbon emissions. Benefits include : 


  • 15-20% reduction in gas bills and carbon emissions 

  • 10% guaranteed savings (*subject to terms)

  • Produces a payback of around 6-8 months

  • Eliminates maintenance costs, which saves money

  • Extends the boiler life saving £’000s

A plumber can fit the Airgon in an hour. 

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Airgon Cost : For Your BUSINESS

The commercial systems will be launched in early 2023 and the cost is dependent on the size of your boiler.  With gas prices being so high, payback on investment is around 5- 6 months. 


For a quote, please email ............... and quote discount code ZCC10???

HEATING (Radiator Covers)

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Incredibly cost effect we have a 10% discount code for you too.

£21.99  (before discount)

Fits 3-6 radiators. Pack includes 3 sheets of radflek (1200mm x 600mm), 2 strips of radstik and 12 fixing clips

Click Here To Learn More and Use Your 10% Discount Code ZCC10

WINDOWS (Stopping Heat Loss)

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Quattro Seal is a robust liquid sealing system that deforms to any shape and style of window irrespective of fabric or size, including uPVC. Other areas covered are frame to wall, under sills, exit service pipes, loft hatches etc.


All windows and doors will work exactly the same way.

  • cosmetically improving the gap around your windows and doors

  • Solves draught driven problems 

  • Stops draughts in all styles of windows

  • Works on any fabric including upvc 

  • Improving air-tightness

  • Saves money, energy and carbon

The supplier is only able to support companies with at least five buildings for this product.

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Clients Supplied

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Solar PV panels are one of the best investments that a business can make as they guarantee free electricity for a least 25 yearsand achieve carbon emission savings too.


This will reduce the amount purchased from your supplier and create energy security and except the business from future electricity price rises. They can be installed on a commercial roof, a car park or even spare land and any generated electricity that the business fails to consume by the business, can be sold to the electricity grid to generate an income.


If the business property is leased, it is possible that the landlord can fund the solar PV system and the tenant can then purchase the generated electricity at a discounted price. The financial returns are attractive for the landlord and financial beneficial to the tenant.


Example Financial Returns : Solar PV Installed By Business Owner


  • Typical Payback : 4 - 5 years

  • Free electricity for 25 years or possibly longer

  • Solar PV panel performance guaranteed for 25 years

  • Unused electricity exported to generate additional income


Example Financial Returns : Solar PV Installed By Landlord


  • Typical Landlord Payback : 5 - 6 years

  • Tenant buys electricity at (say) 20-30% discount 

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An Air Source Heat Pump works like an air conditioning unit in reverse by drawing heating from the outside of a building and circulating it within a building to provide a constant all year round heat.


We have a dedicated team and all our customers receive the following services


  • Energy audit

  • Technical specification personalised to each business

  • Full design service

  • Professional installation and competent sign off


Commercial installations through UK and domestic installations presently just in Scotland.

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