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"Welcome to our Educational Centre, where we provide all the latest information on innovative products and ideas to help you save energy. 

The starting point is to download the two PDF's that are packed with information and facts.

To simplify the whole process of reducing energy, we have created ‘energy areas’ where energy can be reduced in order to save you money and more carbon. With energy bills continually rising, it is important that every company proactively considers as many ways as possible to reduce their energy use.


These areas include :


Ability to make dramatic reductions in energy bills by changing behavioural habits

AREA 2 : GAS (Wet Heating Systems)

Ability to reduce gas bills and carbon by 28% with quick payback on investment.



Ability to become a self generator of electricity and avoid all future price shocks.



Ability to reduce vehicle emissions by 30% and reduce fuels bills by 30% too.


Check our weekly emails as we will keep you updated with more innovative ideas and products."

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Save Energy : Save Money : Save Carbon

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Behavioural change is the single most important area that can result in a company reducing its energy consumption, which then saves both money and carbon emissions.


There are some important statistics that demonstrate this point.


83% Improvement in Energy Reduction

Firstly, it has been found that by inspiring and motivating your staff by including them in your energy and carbon reduction plan, a company can achieve an 83% improvement in its energy reduction targets compared to excluding them.


It should be remembered that ‘carbon reduction’ is a media hot topic and many people want to play their part reducing carbon emissions, whether that is in their personal lives or at work.


59% of Staff Know Nothing About Their Company’s Energy and Carbon Reduction Plan

As an extension of the 83% fact, it is amazing to know that 59% of staff know nothing about their company’s energy and carbon reduction plans. 


As it is the staff who are able to ensure the plan is implemented, it is imperative to include the staff in these plans. 


46% of Energy Is Wasted Out of Hours

Many companies have dramatically reduced their energy consumption during the working hours of the business. 


However, this is only half of the picture.


Statistically, many companies can waste up to 46% of their energy consumption out of hours from mostly electrical appliances remaining on or in hibernation mode instead of being switched off.


For many companies this can represent a significant amount of money.

AREA 2 : GAS (wet heating systems)

PRODUCT #1 : Tadpole  

Saving 15-20% (heating costs and carbon emissions)

The Tadpole is a a clever piece of technology that can be retrofitted to your existing boiler. 


It works by extracting the oxygen from the water in your heating system. With no oxygen the water heats up much more quickly meaning the boiler is using less gas, which then lowers your bills  by up to 20%.


Using less gas also means you have reduced your carbon emissions.

Benefits include : 


  • 15-20% reduction in gas bills and carbon emissions 

  • 10% guaranteed savings (*subject to terms)

  • eliminates maintenance costs, which saves money

  • extends the boiler life saving £’000s

  • produces a payback of around 12-18 months

Tadpole Cost : £195 plus vat for small commercial/domestic size

A plumber will be required to install. Approximate cost £120 (2 hours)

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PRODUCT #2 : Quatro Panels  

Saving : Varies on conditions of windows

Uniquely designed panels that returns radiant heat back to the radiator. 


Savings are generated by returning water temperature at a higher level to the boiler rather than just reducing heat loss through the wall. 


  • 5-8% fuel and carbon saving

  • Typical paybacks from 12 months to 3 years

  • Increased warmth and comfort levels

  • Faster Warm up Times

  • Transfers heat back to the room

  • Saves you money on redecorating behind radiators

  • Quick and simple installation

  • Reducing Co2 emissions

  • No need to remove radiators

For quotations based on number of panels purchased, please speak to supplier.

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PRODUCT #3 : Quatro Seal 

Saving : Varies on conditions of windows

Quattro Seal is a robust liquid sealing system that deforms to any shape and style of window irrespective of fabric or size. (Including uPVC). Other areas covered are frame to wall, under sills, exit service pipes, loft hatches etc. All windows and doors will work exactly the same way.

  • cosmetically improving the gap around your windows and doors

  • Solves draught driven problems 

  • Stops draughts in all styles of windows

  • Works on any fabric including upvc 

  • Improving air-tightness

  • Saves money, energy and carbon

The supplier is only able to support companies with at least five buildings for this product.


For quotations based on number of panels purchased, please speak to supplier.

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Product #1 : Solar PV Panels

Saving : Up to 100% of Electricity Bills

Solar PV panels are placed on a commercial roof or even a car park and generate electricity that is consumed by the business. Any unused electricity is then export to the electricity grid to generate an export income.


By being a self generator of electricity protects against future price shocks that protects the business.


If the business property is leased, it is possible that the landlord can fund the solar PV system and the tenant can then purchase the generated electricity at a heavily discounted price. The financial returns are attractive for the landlord and financial beneficial to the tenant.


Financial Returns : Solar PV Installed By Business Owner


  • Typical Payback : 4 - 5 years

  • Free electricity for 25 years or possibly longer

  • Solar PV panel performance guaranteed for 25 years

  • Unused electricity exported to generate additional income


Financial Returns : Solar PV Installed By Landlord


  • Typical Landlord Payback : 5 - 6 years

  • Tenant buys electricity at (say) 20-30% discount 

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Suppliers : There are many solar PV installers thought the country and best to do a google search and compare prices from three.


Product #1 : Vehicle Emission Reducer (VER) COMING SOON

We are testing technology that can be placed on any vehicle - petrol or diesel, car or van that has been shown to reduce emissions by 30%. 


So this is a major win for the environment.


It may also have a positive effect of increasing the mpg of vehicles demanding on each person’s driving style. 


Better still, the inventor wishes to sell the product for the lowest price possible to help people save money in order to save emissions to help save the planet.


We are hoping that fuel savings payback the product cost in around 6 months.


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We are waiting on a timescale from the inventor when the first kits will be made available in the UK.