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Who Are We?

Welcome to ZERO Carbon Companies

We care passionately about our Planet and helping businesses be more successful.


However, the UK has a major problem as 30% of all carbon emissions come from the 5.6 million small and medium sized businesses, yet 76% have yet to implement a comprehensive carbon saving strategy.


Why? Very simply the present carbon reduction advice is FLAWED making it far too expensive and too difficult for these businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and become ZERO carbon, even though many want to take action.


We have solved this big problem by reversing the strategy.


We first make a business carbon neutral by using carbon offsets so they have an opportunity to gain financially by promoting their green credentials. This is important in times of an economic downturn. Then in our Education Centre we show them how to reduce energy, which saves both MONEY and MORE CARBON. 


OUR NEW STRATEGY could encourage 10% of all SME’s to become interested in saving carbon ie 560,000 business representing over 2 million people.


Using carbon offsets, approximately 16.8 million tonnes of carbon could be saved. 


PLUS Approximately 1.5 million tonnes of carbon from direct actions businesses take, equating to 9 million trees being planted or 500,000 cars being taken off the road. 


We also give businesses a big competitive edge with 6 promotional videos over the year (plus other content) to attract new customers to beat the economic downturn. 


We are here to help all small and medium businesses who want to protect their financial future and that of our wonderful Planet. 


Marc Wynn And Matt Bradshaw (Founders)

Our Vision Is To Help
10,000 Companies Be ZERO Carbon So That

1. They Have Protection Against An Economic Downturn
2. Are Able To Do Something To Help The Save The Planet

This will save around 300,000 tonnes of CO2 every year, equating to 
planting 1.8 million trees or taking 100,000 cars off the road.

"The following images demonstrate the present big problem as we see it and why the present carbon reduction strategy is FLAWED.

Our solution will results in 100,000's of tonnes being saved from businesses who have previously taken no action and that is a positive statement "

Marc and Matt

Image #1 :
This is where the problem starts. 


Image #2 : Explains why the current thinking is FLAWED and must change.

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This Is Our Solution

We are reversing the flawed strategy to engage 10,000's of businesses that would have previously taken no action to save carbon emissions.


Our strategy will also give businesses a competitive edge to attract new customers and provide protection in an economic downturn. 

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"We would be delighted if
you came and join us on our excellent journey."

Marc and Matt

This is a PAS 2060 Certified service.

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