Welcome To Our Affiliate Programme

"Thank you for consider joining our affiliate programme. 

Ultimately affiliate programmes are all about making money. This is true about our programme and we are making ZERO Carbon Companies a major brand that every company wants to be part of, so making money is easier for you.


To achieve that, our focus is to help companies become more profitable by being zero carbon by providing them with :

  • recognition of their green credentials to promote their company

  • social media content they can use to promote to potential new customers

  • ways they can reduce their energy to save both money and more carbon

Let's also remember, that we are all working together to help save the Planet.

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Therefore by recommending our site, you are creating

a win win situation where every one (including the planet) benefits.


We look forward to working with you."

Marc Wynn and Matt Bradshaw (Founders)

Track your commission and how much money you have made.

As an affiliate you have access to your own dashboard where you can track your commission and how much money you have made.

We have extended the API tracking so that you receive commission on all sales from when a link is clinked to a purchased made within a 60 day period. 

You also receive receive a full marketing package and a dedicated affiliate manager to support you.

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It can also be as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. You as an affiliate add your certification badge to their website promoting they are ZERO Carbon.

  2. Your contacts, customers etc see the badge and click it, which has an embedded affiliate link to our home page.

  3. All purchases made from that click are credited to your account.

The next stage is to register below and we can tell you more about the affiliate commissions and get you started on this exciting journey.

​We look forward to working with you.

Marc and Matt